Our Story

In 2019, Emily McCune, the founder and passionate baker behind our establishment, embraced her journey as a registered medical marijuana patient to address her PTSD symptoms. This personal venture led her to the creation of homemade cannabis edibles right from her kitchen. Emily quickly realized the significant relief these edibles provided and, after conducting market research, identified a substantial demand for hemp-infused edibles in Fergus Falls. Upon navigating the legal landscape and confirming her ability to produce these as a cottage food producer, Sugar High Bakery & Confections came into existence in September 2020.

Over the following two years, Emily dedicated herself to integrating her love for baking with her cannabis knowledge, establishing a prominent brand within our community. However, she soon recognized the growing needs of our area, with many community members seeking advice on cannabis medicine – from selecting the right products to understanding how to become registered medical marijuana patients and the benefits of CBD.

In the fall of 2021, a pivotal moment occurred when the Minnesota Department of Agriculture revised regulations, disallowing the production of hemp-derived edibles under cottage food laws. This led Emily to pivot from baking to education, enrolling in a Cannabis Medicine and Healthcare program at the University of Wisconsin Platteville.

Upon earning her degree in Cannabis Medicine and Healthcare in February 2022, Emily embarked on the next phase of her mission. She secured a retail space to launch both a cannabis consulting service and a retail hemp dispensary. In the spring of 2022, she rebranded her venture to Sugar High Cannabis Consulting and Dispensary.

Today, Sugar High stands as Fergus Falls’ premier and sole dedicated cannabis retailer and consulting firm, boasting a team of a dozen employed medical cannabis patients and certified cannabis caregivers. We are proud to be the community’s trusted resource for cannabis-related inquiries and needs.

Meet the Team

Emily M.


Bri B.

Store Manager | Merchandising | Sales

Stephanie S.

Edibles Lead

Alyssa M.

Sales | Marketing | Media

Michael B.

Sales | Veterans Services

Sara S.


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