We offer a variety of cannabis-related services and resources to our community, including our retail store, cannabis consultations, community outreach,  workshops, and presentations.

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Attend one of our monthly community workshops on DIY cannabis medicine! Learn how to make your own medicinal extracts to enable you to have fun, save money, and be as self-sufficient as possible in your healing journey. We cover everything from the most basic cannabutter recipe to more advanced extractions, like tinctures, concentrates, and distillate to infuse into your own homemade medicines. Gummies, baked goods, and more!

Please follow the links below to sign up for one of our upcoming Sugar High workshops.

Cannabis Extracts

This workshop is for beginners who wish to learn about making their own cannabis butters, oils, and alcohol-extracts from cannabis flower. We will be going over how/where to source your cannabis flower, decarboxylation, straining/chilling, infusing into foods, and dosing. Materials will be provided, and informational pamphlets will be distributed for you to bring home and reference for future use!

Gummies 101

This workshop is for both beginners and intermediates who wish to learn how to make a basic, easy, and reliable cannabis gummy using cannabis oil (distillate) and cannabis concentrates. We will cover necessary decarboxylation, infusion, recipes, and drying/curing time. Materials will be provided . An informational pamphlet will be distributed for you to take home and reference for future use!