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“Fergus Falls Unanimously Approves Moratorium On THC Sales” July, 2023

“Hidden Gems: Meet Emily McCune of Sugar High Cannabis Consulting and Dispensary” June, 2023

“Sugar High Dispensary Expands into Manufacturing” June, 2023

“Sugar High Brings Hemp-Derived Products and Education to Fergus Falls” April, 2023

“Fergus Falls Working on THC Ordinance to Avoid Temporary Countrywide Ban” November, 2022

“Sugar High Consulting and Dispensary to open Storefront” August, 2022

“Your Health: Get To Know Your Endocannabinoid System!” May, 2022

“High Point: McCune Provides Legal Cannabis Services”

“Sugar High Celebrates One Year in Business!” September, 2021

“Sweet Success” September, 2021

“One Year Anniversary” September, 2021

“Cannabis Saved Me” February, 2021

“Sugar High Bakery “Pops Up” Downtown!” September, 2020