Our Story

Our Story

In 2019, owner (and baker) Emily McCune became a registered medical marijuana patient to treat the symptoms of her PTSD  and began experimenting with homemade cannabis edibles in her home kitchen. After discovering the tremendous relief they offered her and doing some market research, she discovered there was a great demand for hemp-infused cannabis edibles in Fergus Falls and, after researching the legalities and learning she was able to produce them as a cottage food producer from her home, Sugar High Bakery & Confections was born, launching in September of 2020.

Emily spent the next two years branding herself and her bakery in the community, marrying her love of baking and cannabis into one lucrative business, but discovered our area’s needs were growing beyond her capabilities, with many community members reaching out with questions about cannabis medicine – which products were best for them, how to become registered medical marijuana patients, how to benefit from CBD, and more.

In the Fall of 2021, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture prohibited the production of hemp-derived edibles under cottage food law. She hung up her baker’s hat, shifted her business model from baker to student, and enrolled in a Cannabis Medicine and Healthcare program at the University of Wisconsin Platteville.

After graduating with a degree in Cannabis Medicine and Healthcare from the University of Wisconsin Platteville in February 2022, Emily sought out retail space to operate both a cannabis consulting business and retail hemp dispensary and, in the Spring of 2022, rebranded her business into Sugar High Cannabis Consulting and Dispensary!

Now, with a team of a dozen employed medical cannabis patients and certified cannabis caregivers, Sugar High has become Fergus Falls’ first and ONLY dedicated cannabis retailer and consulting business and serves as the “go-to” spot for all of your cannabis questions and needs!