Emily M, Owner/President

Emily is here to help you navigate through ALL hurdles you may encounter when it comes to accessing cannabis medicine. She conducts cannabis consultations in-office to help with medical patient registration, letters of recommendation for PCPs, and more. She has been living and breathing cannabis medicine since 2018 and is eager to help you!

Steven B, Store Manager

Steven is our Store Manager and has been in recovery since 2020. He uses medical marijuana to treat his mental health issues and addiction and is here to help you on your own journey with product recommendations to fight addiction and live a healthier lifestyle. He also manages our entire team of Certified Cannabis Caregivers and keeps the store running like a well-oiled machine!

Bri L, Sales/Merchandising

Bri is also our dedicated merchandising expert, always seeking out the best and most top-tier products to line our shelves! Have a product you’d like to see us carry? Give Bri an email here: merch@sugarhighconsulting.com

Bri discovered medical cannabis for her chronic pain seven years ago and is very rooted in the connection she feels between her faith and cannabis. “I am glowing with gratitude for the opportunity to join such an amazing mission!”

Elyssa O, Sales

Elyssa (“El”) uses cannabis to de-stress and unwind from her busy life in the service industry and as a mother, and is very eager to help with your cannabis purchases – especially edibles!


Sara S, Sales

Sara uses cannabis to treat her chronic migraines and to help her relax and sleep through the night. She is excited to help find the right products for you, too!

Alyssa M, Sales/Marketing & Media

Alyssa is our dedicated Media & Marketing expert and is responsible for coming up with all of the amazing sales and promotions we offer that you’ve grown to love so much! She is also responsible for the creation of “Doug the Nug”, our store mascot.

Alyssa uses cannabis to help her relax at the end of the day as a young mother. She is very eager to help you learn how to incorporate cannabis into your own lives and do the same!